TFK Baby Stroller Run


In year 2018 the Peetri Jooks TFK Baby Stroller Run will take place already second time!



It is a 5 km race, where we expect to participate all infants parents with baby strollers. As the race is not timed, also those can participate, who do not own a special jogging stroller or those who prefer just to walk.

Bearing in mind the safety of all participants of TFK Baby Stroller Run/Walk, the start for this race will be given separately from the main race on race day at 16.15.



The course runs on roadways and light traffic roads and there are many bands, DJ's, dancegirls and jovial volunteers entertaining by the runway.


Finishers will be awarded with the medal of Peetri Jooks, Apollo Cinema gift card and a gift bag.


Largest team attending the TFK Baby Stroller Run will receive a special prize!

Do not forget to mark your team name when registering!

Each participant who registers no later than the 31st of July, will get nominal race number with both participant's and child's name printed on it. 

Please note that it is not possible to write child's name on our registration form, but we will contact you in the beginning of August to specify the child's name. 

In order to have a safe race both for children and their parents, we only allow to the start runners/walkers with baby strollers. We certainly look forward to see all your family members, friends and aquaintances cheering by the runway! Keep in mind, that what matters is attendance, not victory!


Time schedule on August 11th 

16.15  the start of 5 km TFK Baby Stroller Run/walk is given


Come and spend a great day on an entertaining TFK Baby Stroller Run!


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