1  Peetri Run is organized by MTÜ Jooksupartneri Jooks (registry rcode: 80394792), contact



2.1  The main aim of this competiton is to promote running and healthy lifestyles among people of all the ages. Including children with their parents.

2.2  Connect and unite different people and sport clubs, who are passionate in running.

2.3  We are supporting children with disabilities in collaboration with Tartu University Hospital Children Fund and 5 km Peetri Charity Run.

2.4  Provide participants unique experience, entertainment and joy.



3.1 Peetri Run will take place on Saturday, 11th of August 2018 in Harju country, Rae parish, Peetri hamlet, Pargi tee 6, in front of Peetri school.



4.1.1  10,0 km Main Run/walk/Nordic walk with timing

4.1.2  10,0 km Main Run/walk/Nordic walk without timing

4.1.3  5 km Charity Run/walk with timing

4.1.4  5 km Charity Run/walk without timing

4.1.5  5 km Baby Stroller Run without timing

4.1.6  5 km Junior Run with timing



5.1  Participant has to ensure his own sufficient preparation to pass the distance. Participation will take place at own risk.

5.2 Organizer reccommends to pass the health test before coming to the race and choose the manageable pace. Organizer and medical staff has the right to remove participants from path, if she/he violates the rules of the competition, interfere other competitiors or her health condition doesn’t let continue.

5.3  Participant has to be at least 16 years old to participate on 10 km Main Run.
Under 16 years old participant is allowed to run 10 km Main Run with parent written permission. It has to be digitally signed and sent to e-mail: no later than August 4th 2018.

5.4  Only participants with baby strollers are allowed to start on 5 km Baby Stroller Run.

5.5  On 5 km Junior Run may participate youngsters  who are born within 2000-2007. With sufficient training level and written permission from parents, younger than 2007 born can also participate. It has to be digitally signed and sent to e-mail: no later than August 4th 2018.



6.1  10,0 km Main Run, walking/nordik walk and 5 km start- and finish corridors locate in front of Peetri School. (Rae parish, Peetri hamlet, Pargi tee 6)

6.2  On 10,0 km Main Run, start groups will be formed according to the expected finishing period of the participant, participant can decide it on its own decision.
There’s a particular elite group for top runners.

6.3  10,0 km  start groups:


I group     ... -40 min

II group    40-50 min

III group   50-60 min

IV group  60 min-...

V group   Nordic walk


6.4  Walkers/nordic walkers common startgroup is from the end of 10 km Main Runners start corridor. Nordic walkers has no right to run, organizer has right to eliminate participant who is not following the rules.

6.5  There are no start groups on 5 km Charity Run, Baby Stroller Run and Junior Run.

6.6  Participants can use luggage room. It is possible to leave personal bag (marked with contest number). Organizer will not be responsible for lugagge room bags. Packing is open until 20.00.



7.1  5 km Junior Run starts at 16.00.

7.2  5 km Baby Stroller run/walk starts at 16.15.

7.3  5 km Charity Run starts at 17.00.

7.4  10,0 km Peetri Main Run/walk/Nordic walk with timing and run/walk/Nordic walk without timing starts at 18.00.

7.5  Start material issueing takes place on Friday, August 10th at 17.00 to 21.00 and Saturday, August 11th from 10.00 to 30 min before the start of distance.

7.6  Expo is open in the race center from August 11th at 12.00 until 21.00.

7.7  Finish will be closed at 20.00 o’clock.



8.1  On 10,0 km Main Run will be 9 age classes according to their birth year:

8.1.1  N and M, born: 1979 and later,

8.1.2  N40 and M40, born: 1974-1978,

8.1.3  N45 and M45, born: 1969-1973,

8.1.4  N50 and M50, born: 1964-1968,

8.1.5  N55 and M55, born: 1959-1963,

8.1.6  N60 and M60, born: 1954-1958,

8.1.7  N65+ and M65+ born: 1953 and earlier,

8.2  Age class counted participate birth date as its date of 31.12.2017.

8.3  On 5 km Junior Run participants will compete at 4 age classes according to their birth year:

8.3.1  P and T class A, born: 2001-2002,

8.3.2  P and T class B, born: 2003-2004,

8.3.3  P and T class C, born: 2005-2006,

8.3.4  P and T class D, born: 2007-2008,



9.1  Timing is electronic on 10,0 km Main Run, walking/nordic walk,5 km Junior Run and Charity-Run  – time is recorded using a chip attached to the back of the chest number. Removing the chip from behind the number is not allowed, folding the number is prohibited, number has to be visible. Organizer does not guarantee the timing when chip is not used correctly.

9.2  The results will be published in a competiton place and on home page :

9.3  To get result, the participant has to wear chest number during the competition. To get result, the chest number must be attached to the chest and must be visible throughout the race from the start to crossing the finish line.

9.4  Participant who is starting under wrong name will be disqualified.



10.1  On 10,0 km Main Run and walking/nordic walk course there are 4 service points.
On 5 km Junior Run, Charit Run and Baby Stroller Run course there are 2 service points. Both courses have several entertainment points. The course is fast and gentle and runs on light traffic roads.

10.2  The courses are marked and regulated by traffic regulators. There is medical service on track.



11.1  Registration for all the distances: For the registration you have to fill out the form and pay participation fee.

11.2  Competitors name appears on the start list after the payment of participation fee (paying with bank transfer within 2 work days).

11.3  Number with the participant name will get all the participants who are registred before August 1st.

11.4  For group registration of sport clubs and companys (min 10 persons), you have to fill the group registration form. To get the form we ask you to write

11.5  Online registation ends on Thursday, August 9th at 23.59. In race center there is possibility to registrate also on Friday, August 10th from 17.00 until 21.00 and on Saturday, August 11th from 10.00 until the hour befrore start of selected distance.

11.6  In the race center there is possibility to pay with cash or card.

11.7  Re-registation will take place until August 9th at 23.59. Registration for a new participant costs 5 euros, plus the difference of participation fees.  For re-registration you have to send form to email:

Re-registration in race centre ends one hour beforen the start of selected distance.



12.1  Companies and sports club are welcome to participate in Peetri Run.

12.2  Clubs are registered sport clubs. Companies will be counted as team when there are same company employees and their family members.

12.3  There needs to be minimum 5 members to registrate sport club and company as a team. One sport club or company can registrate several teams

12.4  Team with largest number of participants will get the special prize.

12.5  Ranking list reveals at the 10,0 km Main Run (5 fastest times will be summed). The winner team will be with smallest total time.

12.6  The basis of team accounting is the team name on each competotor's registration form. 



13.1 Entry fees for all the distances:



I round

until 31.05.2018

II round

until 30.06.2018

III round

until 31.07.2018

IV voor round 11.08.2018

10,0 km Main Run/walk/Nordic walk
with timing

15 €

20 €


30 €

10,0 km Main Run/walk/Nordic walk
without timing

12 € 15 € 20 € 25 €

5 km Charity Run with timing

12 €

15 €

20 €

25 €

5 km Charity Run without timing 10 € 12 € 15 € 20 €

5 km Baby Stroller Run without timing

10 €

12 €

15 €

20 €

5 km Junior Run with timing






13.2  In 10,0 km distance there is 10% discount for sport clubs and companies who has more than 10 participants (discount does not apply on 5km Charity Run, and Baby Stroller Run)

13.3  To registrate group (with discount) with min 10 participants, group form needs to be filled. To get the form write to:

13.4  Only one discount can be used per one registration.

13.5  Every participant confirms with the registration that he/she has read and undrestands the rules of the competition.

13.6  There will be no refund when participant will abandon place on competition.

13.7  On 10,0 km Main Run, walking/nordic walk, 5 km Junior Run and Charity Run there will be ensured: marked track, named BIB number with electronic time chip, result in finish protocol, e-diploma, medal, service on track, drinking spots, entertainment spots, sports drink and fruit in finish and first aid if it’s needed.

13.8  On 5km Baby Stroller Run there will be ensured: marked track, named BIB number, medal, service on track, drinking spots, entertainment spots, sports drink and fruit in finish, and first aid if it’s needed.



14.1  On 10,0 km Main Run will be awarded six fastest men and women. From age groups M40 and F40 every age group winners.

14.2  On 5 km Charity Run will be awarded three fastest men and women.

14.3  10,0 km Main Run winners ceremony will take place in race centre approximately at 19.30

14.4  There will be no ceremony on 5km Charity Run and Baby Stroller Run/walk.

14.5  On 5 km Junior Run will be awarded three fastest boys and girls. Also will be awarded age group winners.



15.1  Found things will be collected into race information center. After the competiton you can write to to get information about lost and found things. 



16.1  For participants and spectators parking is organized around start/finish place. Before Peetri Run there appears map into our website, where will be marked start and finish place. 10,0 km Main Run, walking/nordic walk, 5 km Junior Run, 5 km Charity Run and Baby Stroller Run/walk trail will be partly opened for the traffic.

16.2  We kindly ask to follow all the traffic rules and traffic regulators instructions.



17.1  The entry fee will not be refunded when Peetri Run will be cancelled for force majore or according to rule 13.6.

17.2  Organizer is not responsible for participator health condition. Organizer has the right to disqualify participant when health condition requiers it, participant do not follow the rules or is disturbing other participants.

17.3  With registration to Peetri Run, participant confirms his agreement to use all the photos and video material to promote the competition.

17.4   All the issues that are not mentioned in these rules, will be solved by organizer.

17.5  All the issues that are not mentioned in these rules and any protests, what are submitted in writing at the time of competition time at 20.30, solves organizer within 5 days.

17.6  Organizer has the right to make changes in rules.


MTÜ Jooksupartneri jooks E-mail: